Today, both human knowledge and the educational system are being affected by the digital revolution. For graphic design students and educators, the demands for easy access to historical and current visual documentations are higher than ever. Therefore, creating a collaborative information sharing platform can help accelerate the process of searching, organizing, and documenting information.

Antenna is the solution for this thesis project. A collaborative online platform to help the information sharing process. I named it antenna which was based on the idea of how the platform can operate as the device itself that can input and output information and ideas unlimited to the people who are in need. It will provide services that will allow students and educators to obtain easy access to information across different media.
Mentor: Brad Bartlett, Simon Johnston

Grad Thesis
Print & Digital

The website is dedicated to exploring, identifying, and implementing meaningful, sustainable alternatives in art and design education. It can be used as a resources for graphic design students and educators to help them accelerate the process of searching, organizing, and documenting design related information

During the design process, I realized that the website itself is not enough to serve the users. So I also created a handbook for antenna to educate the users the importance of having easy access to knowledge. The book itself exists in both physical and digital format. So it would be in a permanent form as an easy way to access information.

The book Spread the Net examines the human history of information archiving and sharing process. It explores such topic through historical contexts, concepts, methods, and technologies that relate to the subject matter. It also raises the question about where the future scenario of information sharing is heading to.

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