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The Internet Archive is a digital library located in San Francisco, California. The organization’s mission is to provide “Universal Access to All Knowledge.” Just like other public libraries, it offers free public access to collections of digitized materials, including books, images, movies, audio, software, and websites.

The new identity of the Internet Archive was inspired by the PetaBox, which was used by the organization to sort, store, and distribute information to the public. The flashlights we see from the PetaBox are transformed into common visual elements, “squares”. The square has become a core idea for designing patterns, illustrations, and framing devices. It relates to pixels, bricks, and dimensions. But deeply, the square is the representation of individuals across the world. Along with the ”square” concept, typography, colors, and other new elements, this rebrand of the Internet Archive seeks to deliver information and extend knowledge without limitation.
Mentor: Brad Bartlett

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